A Book Dedication

Imagine my delight when I discovered that Adrienne Marie Brown’s newest book, Pleasure Activism, was dedicated to Alana. The dedication is pictured below. Alana has an interview in the book too! The book can be purchased here: https://www.akpress.org/pleasure-activism.html

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Her Red Wig

Losing her hair was hard for my baby. Her hair was part of her identity, and it was gorgeous. But it was not the whole of her. Alana quickly dived into a variety of fun wigs, but this red one was my favorite, and she loved it too. She wore it to brunch and to the hospital. Red is her favorite color, the color of her passion and flair. The color of blood, of life, of our marriage and our love. Her beauty persisted no matter what changes her body went through. I am so proud to have loved and been so deeply loved by Alana Nicole Devich Cyril.

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Ashes at Maui I

Muffy loved Maui and she loved wiener dogs. Where she used to stay in Kaanapali, there was a large family of wiener dogs that would play every morning. So we scattered some of her ashes in the field where the dogs play.

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Muffy Invents the Selfie!

Long before there were cell phone selfies, there was a need for a shot for yourself alone or you and a loved one. You couldn’t always find a cooperative passer-by or one who looked like they would not steal your camera.

Muffy to the rescue. Here she applies two ancient technologies — the camera and the mirror — to produce the world’s first selfie. It’s her and her mom.

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Uncle Johnny

Johnny came to live with us as a young adult, soon after Alana was born. There was a strong attachment from the very start. “Uncles” was her name for him. Although he never actually punished her, Alana would always beg us “Don’t tell Uncles” when she did something wrong.

Soon after she was walking, Johnny would take her everywhere with him, and we realized she acted as a “chick magnet” for him. “She’s so cute!”, “Where is her mother?”, etc., they would say, and Uncles had a new girlfriend.

It must have been her third Christmas, Johnny gave her a big rocking horse, the kind with springs on all four legs attaching it to a frame. She went wild on this horse, bouncing up and down, until we saw that her mouth was bleeding where it was crashing into the back of the horse’s head.

Over the years, they became less connected as Johnny married and left San Jose to raise his own family, eventually falling victim to cancer. But in this 2005 picture, you can see how the affection between Uncle and Niece persisted.

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A Princess … and a Prince

My first memory of Brett is of a 7- or 8-year old boy with a round face and a ready smile. At that time, the smile said everything you needed to know about him. A warm, happy person who shared his happiness.

50 years later, he has matured, but has he changed?

He is always there when help is needed. A mentor to many, a friend to all. Whenever I needed help on a project at home, Brett was there. When New Orleans needed help after Katrina, Brett was there. No, he has not changed.

From the moment they met, Brett and Alana were a great team. Alana and Uncle.

Is there one word to describe Brett? He is a Prince of a man.

Here they are — great friends, a Princess and a Prince.

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A few favorite photos

That smile! Also, I love this one of Elijah doing one of his many not-acting-right signature moves of just plopping himself down on your feet whenever you stopped moving for 2 seconds. Best Cat Ever.

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