Alana, Martha and Zoe – the Austen Years

I met Alana (and Martha) through Zoe. Alana and I built our friendship first via email (the Daily Poll ya know) and later through Instant Messenger programs. Zoe gave me this photo so I would know what Alana and Martha looked like…also because they would have these AWESOME New Years Eve gatherings that I loved hearing about, and I think this photo was taken during one of them.

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Did I Mention Alana Liked Hair?

Muffy watched the movie of Hair many times before she saw a live performance. This is the program for one of the first performances she attended — at San Jose State University. She was 14 years old and she loved the nude scene at the end of Act I.

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Alana Beats Dad at Scrabble

If you’ve ever played “Heads up!” with Muffy, you know now competitive she can be. She was a fierce Scrabble player as well, and with her mastery of words she was a formidable opponent, but she never beat her dad, who, after all, is Bob Devich.

Then one day in the late 90’s, I think, the daughter surpassed the dad. Here are two, not just one, games where she beat me. On the left you see she beat me by over 100 points, with a stunning 76-point Scrabble. On the right she was more merciful, but still beat me by over 60 points.

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The Beginning

I snapped this photo in the early morning of our friend Dan Perry’s 30th birthday weekend in Guerneville (2009). Alana and I’d only met a few months prior, this was our first overnighter. The photo demonstrates Alana’s pensive presence, she loved being around people. She didn’t often do a lot of talking in large groups but that brain of her’s was definitely at work. Thinking. Observing. So busy.

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We Owe This Man So Much

Dr Hervey-Jumper performed brain surgery on Alana in September, 2017 at UCSF hospital after she was transported by medevac from Maui to Honolulu to San Francisco. The prognosis by the doctor in Honolulu was grim. At a minimum, she would lose mobility on one side and possibly worse. Dr Hervey-Jumper gave us such confidence that he could remove the tumor with minimal side effects, and he delivered.

My only request of Dr Hervey-Jumper was “when you find Muffy in there, leave Muffy in there.”

She recovered rapidly and regained full mobility after a surprisingly brief rehab.

It is because of his successful surgery that we had another year + of Muffy.

We owe this man so much.

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