We Owe This Man So Much

Dr Hervey-Jumper performed brain surgery on Alana in September, 2017 at UCSF hospital after she was transported by medevac from Maui to Honolulu to San Francisco. The prognosis by the doctor in Honolulu was grim. At a minimum, she would lose mobility on one side and possibly worse. Dr Hervey-Jumper gave us such confidence that he could remove the tumor with minimal side effects, and he delivered.

My only request of Dr Hervey-Jumper was “when you find Muffy in there, leave Muffy in there.”

She recovered rapidly and regained full mobility after a surprisingly brief rehab.

It is because of his successful surgery that we had another year + of Muffy.

We owe this man so much.

Posted by Bob Devich

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