The Cat Brooks Interview

This interview with Cat Brooks I had on my Soundcloud to do list long after it was shared on the Alana aka: Winner FB page. Today, I cherish it and have downloaded and backed it up just in case the interwebs blows up. It is one of my favorite things. The voice of my friend so close in my ear is comforting. And the story that is Mitts and Muffy is so unique, special. This interview illustrates their chemistry, their character, and respect for one another— in listening it is clear each can’t wait for the other to finish. They truly are proud of their connection.

Warming the ventricles of my heart aside, it taught me so much about esophageal cancer. About Alana’s prognosis. I hope the interview is shared so the whole world, through this love story, can learn, as well.

Posted by Penne Soltysik

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