Testimonial of Brett Patterson (Uncle Brett), delivered at the Memorial 11/17/2018

Because this is so important, I decided not to shoot from the hip.

So I got together with another family member to put a little something together, so bear with me as I read this.

I wanna thank Mac and the committee for asking me to speak today. I feel honored to have been asked to talk at this celebration of life.

I’m looking at the number of people here, and I’m grateful to see how well Alana was loved.

And I want to thank the support group that helped Mac arrange such a great gathering that reflects the greatness of the wonderful woman we’re here to honor.

I want to show my appreciation for Mac for helping Alana with her illness from start to finish.

The love, the unselfishness, and the compassion, you showed and gave Alana shows what true love really is.

I feel so grateful to have witnessed that. And Mac you’ll always be my family and my nephew.

I want to thank all the family and friends who traveled here to honor her.

If you’re in this room, it means you’re a special person.

Because Alana didn’t just associate with anyone.

Alana found a way to bring humor into everything.

She did stand-up comedy for a while, and it was so smart, I didn’t get it. I only knew to laugh because other people were laughing.

And she wasn’t afraid to shy away from the hard topics.

In fact, she was sure to call you out if she knew you were doing something wrong.

And that was one of the many amazing things about her.

She could know your darkest moments, the things you’re most ashamed of, and she would not judge you. She wouldn’t shame you.

She’d love you and tell you all the ways you’re doing things right.
I didn’t know when it happened, but she outgrew me. My niece out matured me.

At some point, she transformed from this adorable little girl and became my life-coach. The person I could talk to, that I could depend on for good advice.

Something tells me, I’m not the only one that knew her that way.
She touched a lot of lives.

Just look at all the people who came from all over to honor her. That speaks to the kind of woman she was. Open, honest, giving, and loving.

Losing Alana is a bigger than I could put into words, but I’m glad to see all of you here to pay your respects.

It really means a lot to me see how many lives she touched.
She will be truly missed.

Again, thank you all for attending and joining in this celebration of life for my niece.

I don’t know you all, but I’ll say this because Alana loved you, much love to you all.

Thank you.

Posted by Bob Devich

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