Alana and the Murderers

You know Alana was a vegetarian, but you may not know she took up this practice in middle school. She was such an animal lover that she did not want to eat any part of any animal. “I don’t eat anything that had a mother,” she said. Nor did she allow anything with leather, so any number of gifts went back to well-intentioned Aunties and Grandmothers.

One year she was home on break from college and the family was invited to a holiday dinner at a close friend’s house. They cooked a special dish for Alana — turkey chili. I guess to some people “vegetarian” means “no beef”. Not to Muffy.

When she was in high school, she got a job waitressing at a cafe Char and I frequented, and we knew the owners pretty well.

After a few weeks, the owners shared with us that when people ordered sausage or bacon with their meal, Alana would mutter “murderer” loud enough for them to hear.

Funny, this didn’t get her fired, nor did it impact her tips. Probably because of the smile she served to each customer.

Doesn’t that sound like Alana?

Posted by Bob Devich

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